About Us


Who is compare.ng?

Established in 2015, Compare.ng is Nigeria's premier online insurance website.

We offer our customers several insurance products from an approved list of regulated Nigerian insurance companies and continuously work at improving and expanding our products and services to suit our customers insurance needs . Our long-term plan is to extend various products to include a wide range of products and services, conveniently bought and managed online.

People often complain that insurance policies in Nigeria are difficult to understand, prices are not transparent and the claims administration process can be complicated. Our job at compare.ng is to change this perceived opinion with our user-friendly website.

Each motor policy bought on our website is registered in the Nigerian Insurance Industry Database (NIID), the only central record of all insured vehicles and valid policies in Nigeria. The use of compare.ng is absolutely free, so you don't have to pay any more than you need for coverage. This is the smart way to buy insurance.

How It Works – we do the heavy lifting for you

We have selected a number of suitable products from reputable insurers:

  • Compare.ng allows you to compare product features and prices
  • Quotes will be sent to your inbox
  • Payment can be made online or at a later date
  • Your policy documentation is produced and sent within minutes
  • You are assured of priority treatment by the insurer in the processing of your valid claims.
  • Our Help Desk is on hand to provide support throughout the process.

Compare, buy and save on your insurance in these easy step by step guide:

  • Visit https://compare.ng
  • Select the type of product you are interested in
  • Fill in the relevant material information to obtain quotes from selected insurers  
  • Select the right insurance option for you.
  • Once payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation of payment and your certificate of insurance.

Our Providers

Compare.ng has established a network of top-tier insurance providers across the nation. We vet insurers carefully based on their financials to ensure they are solvent with a strong claims paying ability.

Each insurance company fixes its own premium based on their unique risk assessment of the customer.

Please note insurers are at liberty to offer varying terms and conditions based on their risk appetite; clients are advised to take note of the differences as it may have an impact on the price.